1.Payment Options

-Pay upfront by placing an order through our website or send us a message and pay a 50% deposit and the remainder upon pickup/delivery.

2. Delivery/Shipping?

-At the moment we only serve North Carolina, South Carolin and some parts of Georgia. Delivery fees vary depending on location. At the moment we do not ship any of our pieces but look forward to doing so in the next few months. 

3. What types of wood do we use?

-Everything on our site has been made from pine and other softwoods. This is perfect if you are looking for a table with that farmhouse character as pine has a nice look to it and serves well for the day to day use.

-While we have built our business around pine we can also work with hardwoods such as Ash, Oak, Maple and some others. Hardwoods stand up a lot better then softwoods but that does come at a higher cost. In the long run we would recommend either as softwoods and hardwoods will both get the job done. Please feel free to ask any questions if needed.

4. What size table should you get?

-We have found that it is a great idea to give each person 24" of tabletop space and roughly 36" of space between the chair and the wall behind it so that people can walk by.

5ft- 4 people

6ft- 6 people 

7ft- 6-8 people

8ft- 8-10 people

9ft- 10-12 people

5. What is the current lead time on a build?

-At the moment we may be booked out from anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Some orders are just a table and bench and other orders have 3 or more pieces which pushes us out further. With that being said, if we give you an estimated completion date one day, it can change within hours or the next day.

6. Do you make tables with leaves/ extending breadboards?

-We do not offer any extending tables at the moment but we do plan on doing so in the near future.

7. Is the wood sealed up?

-Yes, all of our pricing includes a fully built item that is stained and painted. After applying the color scheme you choose we will seal the stained surfaces with a water based polycrylic. We like to put on 5 coats to ensure protection against low heat items and moisture. You can place a glass on the table without having to use coasters and not have an issue. The polycrylic finish is durable and when it comes to cleanup, we recommend soap and water or any other non harsh chemical.

8. ***Note to potential buyers***

-We hand select all of the wood we build with and source it from local lumber yards. We use a moisture meter to ensure that the wood is dried out enough for our furniture builds. Wood will expand and contract throughout the seasons with the humidity levels. Us using good kiln dried wood helps ensure that we don't have a lot of warping going on in the tabletop. With that being said, we use tabletop easterners that will allow the tabletops to expand and contract properly.

-Each piece of wood is different then the last and take in stain differently. There is more variation of stain color in a softwood versus a hardwood. Our pictures show softwoods/ pine to give you an example. 

*Refunds can be processed within 24hrs of ordering shall you choose that you no longer would like us to build your handcrafted furniture.

*6 month warranty on furniture.

*We do not offer refunds or exchanges on tables. We will replace a table or tabletop if something has gone wrong due to bad craftsmanship which we do our very best to prevent. If you order a color and get the item and don't like it, we aren't able to refinish it or exchange it out. However, we will try to help you sell it if you are local. We can mail out stain samples if needed for the cost of shipping.


After your order has processed, we will add you to our build calendar and look forward to creating the piece you wanted and have it looking amazing!