About Us


Welcome to Sierra Modern…

Sierra Modern was officially created in January of 2015, but our story doesn’t begin there. I gained an interest in wood working in early 2014, when, like most people, I saw a coffee table project on Pinterest. I thought that it looked like a fun table to build and went at it. I had my measurements and went to a big box home store to buy and get my wood cut, only to discover that the lumber was subpar and the cuts they performed were not exactly square. This is where my first set of wood working tools (and my addiction!) gets entered into the equation. A Skil compound miter saw, a Black & Decker drill, and a Black & Decker sander.

I did end up getting that first coffee table built the way it was intended to be after purchasing new lumber and using my own tools to make square cuts. That one coffee table turned into two coffee tables, a kitchen table, a computer desk, and a small book shelf. I researched and experimented constantly to learn more about my chosen craft. Lumber selection, joining methods, and proper stain & paint application took time and patience to learn, but it was so worth it.

In January of 2015, I received my first official order and created Sierra Modern. Furniture orders continued to pour in! I was working out of a single garage unit in my apartment complex and had to deliver finished creations strapped to the top of my tiny Nissan 350z. Needless to say, between neighbor noise complaints, space limitations, and less than ideal delivery options, it was time to upgrade. I moved into my first commercial workshop and purchased a truck for deliveries.

Sierra Modern will have continued growth in 2019. We are building a team, coming up with new product offerings, and searching for ways to expand delivery to better serve my wonderful customers. If you have any questions about current furniture offerings or custom ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!